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Hosted by Macy Combs & Alonna Ann Daniel

The world defines being fierce as having a hard exterior & being a fighter; not letting anyone in. Culture tells us that freedom looks like self sufficiency in society. Both will ultimately lead us to isolation which breeds shame & guilt. However, Scripture tells us to live fierce & free in community- where condemnation is dead. "There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1

Fiercely Free

Join us in the conversation on how to live fiercely free in Christ. This will not only be a podcast but a community where we explore how to live the lives we are called to live. We weren't made to do it alone...

Fiercely Free Podcast

New Episode Every 2 Weeks.

Season 1 Episode 1: Intros & Hallelulujahs

Available 2/1/23

Streaming platforms:

Macy & Alonna

A few of our of our strengths being best friends are reminding each other daily of the freedom the Lord has freely given us, where the Lord has brought us from, loving fiercely, and to have fun living an abundant life while on this earth living for Jesus. SO WE DECIDED TO MAKE A PODCAST! Here's a few of our favorite pics below. Just so its clear though...this podcast includes us, but its not about us. It's about our sweet Jesus and how he died and rose again so we can walk fiercely free with the creator of this universe and each other!

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