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Our Vision 

The world defines being fierce as having a hard exterior & being a fighter; not letting anyone in. Culture tells us that freedom looks like self sufficiency in society. Both will ultimately lead us to isolation which breeds shame & guilt.


However, Scripture tells us to live fierce & free in community- where condemnation is dead. Our hope is that this podcast doesn't soothe your independent nature but instead allows you to discover the truth behind living fiercely free in Christ. 

"There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1

How we got started

The Lord gave us the vision for this podcast months ago but the timing did not feel right, yet. He still had more clarity to give us on the heartbeat behind the podcast. We both have a passion for ministry and know that our friendship is a divine connection to be used for God's glory. Our love for both discipleship and community is the fuel behind this podcast. We now know what living in freedom feels like and desire for everyone to live it out alongside us. Living fiercely free is not only an verb but a heart posture. It looks like positioning ourselves boldly before the throne AND in community, to live a life that mirrors Christ's until kingdom come! The journey isnt always easy but take heart, this is where where miracles happen and lives are changed. Lets do this thing...TOGETHER! 

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